hey guys i was just wandering what you think about what im planning to do !

well, i have an ibanez ic400 whick kicks ass ! ... but i want to upgrade it !
i am thinking about putting new pups in it .

a bare knuckle nail bomb humbucer, and either another one, or a war pig or black dog, but im defintly going for at least one nail bomb !
the thing is, how much do you reckon it would cost from my local guitar shop ?
plus what position, im thinking nail bomb at the bridge, and one of the three at the neck ?!?!?!?!?!

anyhow i look forward to replies

cheers !
It'll cost you $350 for a pickup set, say the Nailbombs. Plus say, a $40 charge or so for installation.

You'd be better off practicing soldering now and getting them in a month or two, or going with a cheaper set from Swinesheadpickups.co.uk . Only $160 with those so you won't be as out of money if you screw up.

www.musictoyz.com for BKs in the US.
yeah i have thought about doing it myself, but i really want the nail bombs lol, mym mum was a technicican and knows how to solder well, plus she still qorks at the academy and can get all the equipment i weould need, but i would rather have it professionally done, but $40, in uk thats bout 30 quid, that aint much for installation, even if its like 30 quid per pup !
cause cost really isnt an issue, dont mean to be snobby but im gonna have roughly 600 quid in a couple of months, so about 300 can go to pick ups ! unless id need more lol
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