I was thinking what are the key things to know before you are able to play guitar pretty good. I was thinging this because im stuck playing guitar at the moment, not making any progress and cant think what it is thats stoppping me. I think i know all the basic things like a few scale types up and down the neck, a few barchords shapes, power chords, im learning the fretboard, and i understand how chords and scales are formed using the major scales. What else should i be learning at the moment?
Screw what they say you should learn....

Look up the tabs to a simple song that you like...and learn that...
some basic teqniques(?) like hammer on/pull-offs, different picking styles, and somekinda sense of rythm and ALWAYS theory
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...well you sound like you have a fairly decent knowledge of the basics, so yeah, do what Jhall91 said. find a tab for simple sounding song you like, and preferably own and learn that. i dont know what you like but, some metallica songs or foo fighters are easy to learn. Will help you with picking speed to. hope that helps. oh.. greenday easyyyy too
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Okay ill learn some songs. As for theory i dont understand how i can apply CO5 to playing guitar.could someone explain this plz.
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Screw what they say you should learn....

Look up the tabs to a simple song that you like...and learn that...

Don't listen to this guy. Do you want to learn how to make music? Or how to play some songs?
I'd suggest learning the circle of fifths, and what it means. Learn the major scale, understand how each note works (like flat thirds, etc.) and what notes you play in chords are which notes. Specifically the E major and A major patterns. You'll want to know the Pentatonic too.
i want to learn how to make my own music and understand what im doing. I can come up with little lead runs but dont understand why it sounds good or what exactly im playing and doing. A list of must know things would be awesumly useful.

Thanks in advance.
My suggestion would be to learn both.

A basic knowledge of theory will help you understand why.

Learning songs will help you put it into context and give you real world experience in how it works.
Gain experience by starting a band, composing your own music, learning other peoples music and maybe even join a school jazz band etc. Theory aint everything remember unless you want to move to classical areas or write in depth compositions. Concentrate on becoming a better musician because at the end of the day its about how the music sounds not how it looks on paper.
What you absolutely need to know are the notes of the fretboard, the major and minor scales, some basic chord shapes (when you play enough, you'll be able to learn other chord shapes), and have a very a good sense of rhythm. Put a major emphasis on the rhythm, because not a lot of guitarists have it. You could play all the overplayed songs in the world with the 1st two, but what will make it sound better/different from the average guitar player is your sense of rhythm.

Don't get too complex. You can get into theory, but I wouldn't go any farther than learning how to spell chords and the different keys. But I would stick with the other stuff, and when you have that nailed, you can get into complex things like scales other than major and minor(s) for solos and stuff like that.

I can tell you first hand, if you don't conquer the basics, then you're never gonna conquer the hard stuff, and you'll have to go back and do it all again.
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The absolute, number one, most important thing that you should learn if you
really want to get good on guitar is: LEARN HOW TO PRACTICE. By far. There's
nothing else even close.

You may think that there's not really anything to that and you can practice any old
way and you'll get good as long as you put time in. Wrong. It is a very subtle
skill that can be learned and can take quite a while to get good at it.

This is why you always see posts that go "I'm stuck... not making any progress...
don't know what to learn next...". From what I can tell the vast majority don't
have the first clue about how to practice. When you know how to practice you
always have stuff you know you can work on and you always make progress.

But, practice is boring you might say. Well, when you see the real progress you can
make when you have consistent practice habits, you wouldn't do it any other way.
And when you see the resulots you get, it actually becomes fun.
Learning to play with minimal tension is important, too. It won't make you a better guitarist, per se, but it'll help prevent discomfort and pain (which is important, since playing improperly can lead to some pretty serious stuff).
^ is correct, i would really recommend as for the theory side, after learning some scales, going through and learning intervals, if you have a good grasp of intervals it's like an entirely different world apart from scales because you can start to grasp things like key changes and how and why they work.

edit: you can start to grasp ODD key changes and how and why they work, all things being relative i'm referring to a key change such as Cm to Bm to Bbm
Theory and technique aside..

One of the most important lessons you should learn is to play without the need to sound good to satisfy your own ego or self worth.

You should learn to play without impedance of thought or ego.
if u just play bits and riffs from the artists u love (from all kinds of music), u can learn to apply the same sounds and scales and riffs that they use in ur own work

basically, everything that could have been done on the guitar has been done
so, just try to make the best sounds with what ur given

i mean randy rhoads just built on eddie's speed, and yngwie ontop of rhoad's

the guitar is just like that; play what u enjoy, and it will lead u 2 better things
you can know alot of things. like scales and so on. but you need to play songs. learn some of your favorites songs from bands you like. get some playing eperience. its good to know scales but not if thats the only thing you know. just mess around and pick up some songs.

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Theory and technique aside..

One of the most important lessons you should learn is to play without the need to sound good to satisfy your own ego or self worth.

You should learn to play without impedance of thought or ego.

AMEN. I just realized how true this is tonight....everything seems so much more better and more enjoyable now.