MY strap lock on the heel has come snapped off leaving half the screw in the damn body, is there any way i can get it back out again.
Any help would be great thanks!!!

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I don't think so unless you open up and shake it if it's a hollow body?
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drill it out?
if its in there loose, try glueing somthign to the bit left in and then unscrewing it?
i thnk drilling is the only option though mate
put something sticky on a matchstick then poke it down
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i dunno what u call it in english, but there is a tool that u can screw into the base of the screw that is stuck, then get it out.. we use it in my class all the time when noobs drill wrong holes:P
if there's enough screw left sticking out... grab with pliers and twist....
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Use some plyers, then go out and buy some dimarzio cliplocks, they never do that.
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