Where do bands normally practice? besides hiring a hall out or playing in someones garage. Me and a few friends were thinking of putting a band together, but we cant find anywhere to practice, due to a lack of space and cash flow.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Man, I would challenge their band to a duel, not a musical one though. I'm talking maces and swords and shit.
Hmmm, my band practices in our drummer's bedroom, pretty nifty.

What's wrong with playing in someone's garage?
^^ Maybe nobody has a garage? No one in my band does, we just play around my drummers house, where ever his kit happens to be, sometime at the house of this guy, who doesn't realyl do anything, but lets us play at his house and records us and stuff
We practice for free in the basement of a women's clothing store (after it closes obviously). We're always surrounded by bathing suits and naked manequins(sp?)

We used to practice in a Lococo's Warehouse (big fruit market here in Niagara Falls), and we had to pay, but got a really good deal.

And otherwise, when we can't practice at the store, we play in our drummer's basement.
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Its not that nobody doesnt have a garage, we would have to move a LOT of stuff around, and our parents dont exactley like our style of music lol

Anyway, i shall run a few ideas past the others. thanks!
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Man, I would challenge their band to a duel, not a musical one though. I'm talking maces and swords and shit.
My room - band ain't got a drummer officially but two of us can play drums. We also go to this community thing where we can use the drumkit, amps PA etc.
my band practises in a band hall
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I can't call mine a "band". as we lack a bass guitar player and a singer.
But me and 2 friends (drummer + guitarrist) usually play in the drummer room.

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Where do bands normally practice? . . .
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer: Wherever they can. Seriously. garages, basements, halls, school auditoriums or classrooms. If a band can find any place to rehearse, they should use that place.
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we hire out a local rehearsal room, 40 bucks for 4 hours and heaps of other local bands go there its awesome
For us it wasn't a problem of where to practice, but when to practice.
Just do it in a basement or something. Thats what we do
There have been some pretty good suggestions here. As stated before, it really doesn't matter where, as long as you are practicing. Here are some places I have practice with an ensemble before:

A storage garage with no windows
A crab/fish storage room with concrete walls
A former slave quarters (this was worse than the crab cooler because it was dirtier)
The loft of a barn with no steps
The upstairs of a 2 story garage w/ private bathroom and meeting room (this was the best)
Living rooms
Outside in someone's backyard
A kitchen

My hometown had no basements because we were too low in elevation (about 3 feet above sea level) We found what we had to work with which is why there are some unusual places on that list. The guy who mentioned finding a local business has a good idea. there is a local band in my area that practices in a room at a Tattoo Parlor. They can work with that because you can host shows there also if it's big enough.

Also don't be afraid to practice in places where you can't leave your gear. Just be smart about your set up that day. You can also place an ad in the paper and say you will pay them "rent" which will include electric and such. If you live in a major city, there are probably places available. I also remember reading that some guy on here once renting a storage shed in his town for like $25 a month and just practiced there. If you have 5 members in your band, that's $5 a month for everyone. They can afford that.
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Lol, here in australia, it would be rare to find someone with a basement.

Anyway, yeah, we are planning on having 5 members, but we only have 4 at the moment(no bassist yet) but thats another story, but im sure we could afford something like that anyway.

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Man, I would challenge their band to a duel, not a musical one though. I'm talking maces and swords and shit.