hi everyone, i just wanted to tell u that i got in a band, called Warcry for Ashes, and i was wondering what tips could u guys give me about the things goin in a band as a bass player, i was in a band before but as a drummer so i kinda dont know how to work and how make stuff in the band.
my first idea was to start workin with the drummer to get along with him and to find chemistry whitin us.
the band is up to any style of music but practically want something as red hot chili peppers meets up guns n roses.

by the way i got new equipment. Also i would like to know what u think of the band name?

Well, the band name doesn't really fit the genre you want to play. When I saw this thread, I was like "oh god not another shred-metal thread".

The first time you play with the band, find your place in the music. Find out how much you can play to stay in the pocket. Then, study the drummer. Figure out his style, and how he likes to play. Your best bet is to become really good friends with him. Have him over, and hang with him as much as possible. The better relationship you have with the drummer, the more tight you will sound. If you know a lot about his personality, you will be able to tell how he will play one day versus the other.

Theres not much to tell you until you come back from your first band practice and tell us about the band and their overall trends. Good luck, and have fun

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thnz incubus science, i know that thingie about the name but it has a meaning and is to not let down the ones u care about that are not with you, is like ur fightin for the believes of the ones that pasted away.

i forgot to say, that we are gonna play dani california on school
The drummer and i alredy have a good relation ship, we were kinda best friends and we are both drummers(im playing bass now).Both we havent like sit down and jam.
Double posting and bumping your thread isn't going to help. Consider this a pre-warning warning.

Dictator For Life of the fIREHOSE fANCLUB. PM Me, Tedrick, or Yertle to join.