Hmm where to start. I can play master of puppets with a pick (the first spidery riff i mean) with no problem, but when i use my fingers i tend to get stuck a little bit. Same for other similar riffs etc. I don't like using a pick at all, so do you guys have any good excersizes whatever to improve fingering? I guess its more of my rhythmic fingering cos i
learnt half of anesthesia today without much trouble (fingerpicked). I don't have much experience since i only got my own bass yesterday
Through practice is the way to improve, don't try and run through it pratice it at a pace that you can play at. Than work your way up speed wise. When you get stuck don't start all over start from the problem area. That way you addres the problem once you can play that through play teh song all the way through. Sorta like how you learn everything else is just through muscle memory. The more you play the less you have to think about it and the less you will screw up.