right then, i just bought a new epiphone les paul for £300, and i was wondering whether it makes any difference what strings i put on it, obviosuly it's got stringsd on it now but iwas wondering what make strings i should buy as back up, i currently have some encore ones from my old guitar but i was wondering if i need to bother buying any better ones seeing as its a better guitar and i dont wanna screw up the sound with crap strings. cheers
Yep, buy new strings.

What kind of music do you play? Standard stuff or stuff with drop tunings?

If it's stuff with dropped/low tunings, buy a higher gauged string. If not, I recommend Ernie Ball Super Slinkys.
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D'addario's. All the guys that have used Slinkys near me keep on breaking them!!! I'm currently trying the Elixer nanoweb ones and have had them for almost three months and they still sound good.
Les Paul's got a shorter scale length, so I'll recommend 10-46's.

Preferably GHS, D'addario, Dean markley, or Blue Steel.
Yes!"! Ernie ball regular(10-46) they're the best choice.!!!!!
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Check out my sig man for your strings. Ive had mine for 2 months of heavy playin and they still sound pretty good. I use 10's for standard dont play much drop stuff.

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