Hey guys quick question. When I'm strumming on my acoustic sometimes my strings are buzzing. I'm pretty sure that I'm strumming to hard but do you guys have any tips or advice to lightin up on the strumming and would different gauge of strings help any. Thanks guys.
Maybe you should indeed light up the strumming, but have you checked the action of the guitar yet? If you don't know what action means, well basically that's how high the strengs are above the fret board. I don't know if there are any accoustics with adjustable action, though.
not necersarily, it could be a few other things. flat spots on your frets, flat spots on your strings, a raised fret, incorrectly set truss rod, too low action etc.

search google for these types of checks. you should be able to find tests for them.
Been away, am back
hey c squared I think the reason why your frets are buzzing is because your action is to low and is causing vibration on the frets. But im not sure but thats what I think by reading your message. If you are a serious guitar player I recommend that you do a full set up on the guitar. They will change the strings, adjust the action to a more reasonable level and if you want get the frets dressed although I dont recommend it. They will also adjust your bridge and the nut which may also cause slight fret buzzing but as to strumming to hard should not cause fret buzzing. It is better to do this as soon as possible before the guitar settles to into that mode. Another option is just to lower the action and dont bother with the set up the strings should not affect fret buzzing. I had the same problem on my electric so I brought it in for a set up and it sounds and feels beautiful. There it is.
Ya I guess I better take it in to a shop and let them have a look at it and see what they think and get it fixed. Thanks a lot of the advice guys its greatly appreciated