I'm looking for a new guitar around the price range of $850-900 CAD, and this one caught my eye. I mainly play rock/hard rock/progressive, with my main influences being Poets of the Fall, Alter Bridge, Slave to the System, Queensryche, and Dream Theater. Right now I'm playing an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus, so I'm looking for something that's on the complete other end of the spectrum. The LTD MH400 has a lot of what I'm looking for (Floyd trem, 24 frets) and it seems to be a nice looking and well built guitar as well. The only thing I'm really unsure about is the active EMG's. The main tone I'm looking for is something around a Poets of the Fall lead tone. I know that Ollie uses a Washburn N4 for most of his leads, so there's plenty of power there, but I'm concerned that the EMG's won't sound smooth enough. I also find EMG's to be somewhat thin sounding (could have just been the fact that I was playing through a Peavey Penta, which is pretty thin sounding for higher gain anyways). So, basically I'm looking for comments on the MH400, or recommendations for another guitar. I also looked at getting an Ibanez RG1570 and swapping the pick-ups, but it would be too expensive at my local music store.
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You also need to consider that the MH400 has LTD's LFR and the fact that the neck is painted, so that might hold you back, compared to unfinished neck on the RG1570. About those EMGs, you really need to try it out using a better/greater amp as you want to see the fullness of it, if you dont like it, then only you'd be sure to change them either in the MH400 or RG1570 once your mind is made up. One more thing aobut the LTD's LFR, its not too shabby but the knife edges are prone to wearing off, this aint no strengthened metal unlike an OFR. So in near future/distant, you might need to upgrade it.
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