i REALLY want to have a guitar that sounds like the one in Crazy train by ozzy.
and pretty much all ozzy songs. i also like metallica, van halen, acdc, lynyrd skynyrd,black sabbath, pretty much any rock

any help?

will an ibanez 370 series work?
its not the guitar.. its the effect/amp that makes the sound effects
Ozzy - Randy Rhodes signature model Jackson (I think it was a Jackson - looks like a sharp V)
Van Halen - Kramer strat knock offs (you could do it with a Strat and the right amp. Eddie played Peavey I think.
AC/DC - Gibson SG
Steve Vai - Ibanez

The Ibanez 370 with a good amp and a couple of pedals can get you close to most of those sounds. You'll have to twist knobs for a long time though.
Its not really the guitar, as said above its the amp and effects that will do it.

For this you will need the following:


Marshall JPM 100 Watt master head (or similar valve head)

These are Pedals:

MXR 10 Band EQ

MXR Analouge Delay

MXR Distortion Plus

MXR Stereo Chorus

MXR Stereo Flanger

Roland FV-300H Volume Pedal

Vox 847 Wah

Rack Items:

Roland RE-301 Space Echo Tape Delay/Chorus/Reverb

Yamaha E1005 & E1010 Analoge Delay/Chorus/Reverb

You will need a rack and power supply of your own choosing and also a midi pedal.

I have no idea what cabinet was used, pick one that you like (or go direct into a PA). To round it off get a Jackson Randy Rhoads Guitar. That gears all pretty expensive, you could use modelling software like Guitar Rig 2 to emulate it, but for live use you will have to invest in a really good laptop and a better midi pedal (the one that comes with guitar rig is ****e)
you just get guitar with a floyd load it with some high output pickups and get a decent distortion pedal, when you got that you can get pretty close... blast away
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Get a rock style guitar...(Ibanes RG, Jackson DKMG, Strat (fat), etc.
Then put some emg pickups in it to get a more shreddy, gainy sound.

Then if you want to sound like a bunch of different styles for a floor modeler/workstation like a GNX from Digitech or a PODxt.

Already has hundreds of amp/model and artist presets so with the push of a button you can sound like anyone you want or create your own sounds.

As for amps...the new valve/digital combos from Marshall and Vox are awesome. I personally have the Vox 100VDT and it is awesome...along with a GNX4 guitar workstation.
Quote by Frankie27
explorer tis what randy rhodes used

I have never seen Randy Rhoads with an Explorer...

Prk Marshall pretty much nailed his equipment. Basicly the sound really comes from the amp.
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