Ok, so I'm finally getting around to building a pedal board (at least, I will in a couple months after I get my new guitar, and save some more money. So, probably around Christmas time). As of now, the only pedal I ever use is my Boss SD1 (used as a boost). I play through a Traynor YCV50Blue, and I use an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus as my main guitar (although, I believe that I'm getting an ESP LTD MH400 very soon). I really want to come as close as I can to nailing a Poets of the Fall tone. So, I'll need delay, wah, possibely and EQ, and possibley a chorus. Here's what I'm thinking for now:

Wah- Morley Bad Horsie (I want a more modern sounding wah, and I'm on a budget of around $225 CAD for this one).

Delay- Boss DD3 (this is the pedal that I need to skimp on the most, and the this one seems to be fairly cheap. I might consider going for a Line 6 Echo Park instead though, if it's a lot better).

Noise Gate- ISP Noise Decimator

EQ- Either a Boss GE-7 or maybe a Danelectro Fish 'N' Chips (although, I could daisy chain the Boss, and I have bad experience with Danelectro).

Chorus- Electro Harmonix Small Clone (it seems to be cheap, and it has the warm sounding chorus that I'm after).

Basically, I'm looking for any comments or suggestions about this stuff...

EDIT: In case nobodies heard of Poets of the Fall before, here's one of their more effects-driven songs to give you an idea of the tone I'm after:

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That's one of the best proposed rigs I've seen on here! I can't find anything to fault, those are all good pedals.
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EQ - .. i'm prettey neutral on eq's, whatever sounds the nicest but doesn't **** your tone up - atleast the GE7 will give you a volume boost aswell.

Wah - Never tried any of the morley's before, I'm more a crybaby guy. The fact the bad horsie is switchless, it has the clear tone buffer thing, two controls & an LED - Probally better than any of the crybabys.

Chorus - The boss chorus's are ****e.

In other words, I think your sorted
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sounds like a decent board....here's mine, however im not sure of the final order they will be in, or which ones will be inline, and which will be in the loop. any advice either way would be nice......

i play a variety of guitars but my fender tele custom and ESP ec-400 are my stage guitars, through a Crate Blue Voodoo 120w Half Stack.

Dunlop ZW-44 Overdrive (mainly for lead boost)

Boss BF-2 Flange

Boss PH-3 Phaser

Generic Chorus

Original Cry-Baby Wah

Digi-Tech RP-200 (currently used primarily for the Whammy effect and delay settings)

anyone else have good luck with certain orders of effect and/or inline/loop???
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here's mine, from input to output, all on an effect loop:

Boss TU-2 tuner
(coming very soon) Slash Crybaby Wah
Boss chorus ensemble
Boss OC-3 super octave
Line6 Echo Park delay pedal

Then running straight to the amp is the channel switch.

I have them in that order for good reason... i discovered that the order affects the tone with multiple effects, and I want to be able to use them all at once if i really need to. Tuner first, of course, because we don't want to be tuning a distorted signal. Then the wah, because it affects the EQ. Then the chorus because it affects the pitch. Then the octave pedal because it only affects the sound, and then the delay, because if you have the delay before anything, you're putting effects on top of your delay, instead of echoing the product of your effects. This way, I can play any effect with any other effect, and the sound remains pretty clear and understandable.

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