The Incredible and Otherwise Expected Flood of My Demise

Gotta breathe sometime
Gotta let the tears in the sky mesh with mine
Drowning in the mystery of the next step
Every step I take
Thousands of footsteps to fill my feet
Submerged in the weight of those who came before me
Where is the shore?
It can't be that hard to find
I'll keep drifting afloat along with the tide
No one ever told me where I should swim
A lifetime of lessons but nowhere to begin
What can I do that's not already done?
Is there a song still out there that has yet to be sung?

Is there something wrong?
You didn't ask
Now you can flounder in your failure to act
You were everything to me
You were the air that I breathed
You were the last ray of hope to heed my plea
"Stay by my side
Don't leave me behind
I'm alone in the dark and without you, I'm blind"
But I opened my eyes, and shadows prevail
Abandoned in the cold with no breath to inhale

I'm immersed in the waterfall
Choke it down
All for you
Water never killed anybody