can you guys help me by suggesting some cool 80s tunes? I guess like the good stuff Idk heres an idea of some songs I'm already gonna put on the cd..songs can be from the 70s too

Van Halen-Eruption/You Really Got Me
Dio-Holy Diver
GnR-Welcome to the Jungle
GnR-Knockin on Heavens Door
GnR-Sweet Child of Mine
Autograph-Turn Up the Radio
Twisted Sister-We're not gonna take it
Twisted Sister-I wanna Rock
GnR-My Michelle
GnR-Paradice City
Def Lepord-Pour Some Sugar on me
Great White-Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Metallica-Turn the Page
Metallica-Whisky in the Jar
Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak
Thin Lizzy-Cowboy Song
Thin Lizzy-Boys are back in town
Wayne's World Theme
Queen-Bohemion Rhapsody
Quiet Riot-Bang your head
Quiet Riot-Cum on feel the noize
Scorpions-Rock you like a hurricane
Warrent-Cherry Pie
Poison-Nothing But A good time
Poison-I Want Action
Poison-Look What The Cat Dragged in
Poison-Talk Dirty to Me

so any suggestions would be cool. ballads are cool too so if u know of any good ones go ahead and say it
MOTLEY CRUE AND SKID ROW, they owned the 80s =) Well, Skid Rows first album =D
that list of songs makes me wanna go get huge 80's hair
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Def Leppard-Do you wanna get rocked
Def Leppard-Photograph
Van Halen-Ain't talkin bout love
Billy Idol-White Wedding
ACDC-Back in Black
ACDC-Hells Bells
ACDC-Rock n roll aint noise pollution
Billy Squier-The Stroke
Theres you a good list.
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Start with

Kickstart my Heart - Motley Crue
18 and Life - Skid Row
Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
All in the name of Rock

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Some ballads for you

Europe - Carrie (go Sweden!! )
Scorpions - Still Loving you
Scorpions - Wind of Change
Def Leppard - Love Bites
G n R - November Rain
G n R - Don't Cry
White Lion - When the Children Cry
MSG - When Im Gone
Poison - Every Rose has its thorn
Gary Moore - Empty Rooms
Gary Moore - Still Got the Blues
Whitesnake - Is this Love
Deep purple - Love Conquers All
Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home
Motley Crue - Without You
Queen - The Show Must go on

And some 70's (Im gonna be so blamed for putting this on the 80's forum but you asked for it )
Rainbow (Dio as singer) - Catch the Rainbow
Nazareth - Love Hurts
Rolling Stones - Angie
Deep purple - Child in Time
Deep purple - When a Blind Man Cries
David Bowie - Space oddity

enjoy! if you like some I can give you some more
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You cant have an 80's ballad without mentioning Cinderella.

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alright well you could try putting some metallica and megadeth...thats when both bands are in their prime....wiskey in the jar and turn the page are not 80's tunes man they're like mid 90's...
Anything by The Scream

L.A. Guns are pretty awesome too.
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Monkey Buisness - skid row
slave to grind - skid row

holy wars - megadeth
she wolf - megadeth

your crazy - guns n roses
rocket queen - guns n roses
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