So i have this adapter from my guitar toi my computer.. So i was wondering does Audacitiy work with this and if it does what should i do?
heyy Ellron.
starters, i use guitar to pc cords all the time, and time after time i found ther`s no better program then Steinberg`s Cubase SX 3. it has the built in VST`s, or if your new to this, guitar effects. in other words, you can use your computer as a guitar pedal, simply by using the provided files, or downloading other ones from Limewire, or Kazzaa or whatever.

i`ve never actually used audicity for a guitar recording software, but i`d imagine that there is a function for it. i suggest looking for an option for 'Line-In' controls, and find what line your guitar is in, and turning it wide open \m/

if you need further help just ask...i can always download audicity and find out how for you.

Thx i will try... Umm also which should i put the plug into? I have like 5 wholes which i can put my plug into.
First you'll have to go buy a 1/4 to 1/8 converter. Guitar cords are 1/4, but the holes in the back are 1/8. You can get them for maybe 3 bucks at radioshack. You just plug into the soundcard in the back. The placement depends on your computer brand.

I recommend audacity for recording. It's free at least.