so im getting either the epiphone sg or the lp, undecided, but thats another story.
not sure what amp i should get for it. this is my first sorta upgrade in guitars/amps.

music styles include:
rock, ac/dc zeppelin, some punk stuff.
metal, metallica mostly, tool. that sorta stuff.
i occasionlly like to play simpler stuff, van morrison, etc. but i have my fender for that. but i suppose keeping that in consideration may change the amp?

anyways, those are the sort of sounds/tones im looking for.

unfortunatly i have no idea what a good amount to spend on a amp is.
some have suggested getting the marshal MG100DFX. but others said you can get Vox amps for awesome prices. honestly my budget is gonna be around $400-600.

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is the $400-$600 for the guitar + amp, or do you have $400-$600 for an amp on its own?
Oooo, number 1 rule of UG, don't mention Marshall MGs. I suggest a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for you.
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-Ibanez GRX20Z
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^So much better than my Bullet Reverb!!

oh sorry, $400-$600 for the amp.
i was gonna spend around $1000-$1200 for everything, so after the guitar ill have roughly $400-$600 to play with.
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Oooo, number 1 rule of UG, don't mention Marshall MGs.

why? are they no good? explain!! =P