Okay, I'm trying to decide between the Ibanez SR500 and the SR505. They are basically the same guitar, only the 505 is, obviously, a five-string. I have no clue about what number of strings to go with. I know that you get more tone options with a five string, but what worries me is that anytime I find a scale chart for bass, it is always for a four string.

I know this is a really newbie question, but are scales and such different for a five string? It seems like they would have to be.

Any opinions will the greatly appreciated!!!!!
You could use the scale chart just on the top four strings?

Unless you want the scales for the low b too, in which case, you could just add them in?
five string basses are good because you dont have to go drop d or anything the strings low to high are B E A D G
A 5 string is a 4 string bass with an extra low string added on. For the scale charts, it would be exactly the same as a 4 string. I HIGHLY suggest the 5 string, it's much more versatile, you can play anything from metal to funk, and it'll sound great. the 505 gets my vote!
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i love my 5 stringer a lot more then 4 stringers, but this is all about personal preference
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in my humble opinion, it's best to go either 6 or 4 for string count. in a jazz setting where you're in the background, it's best to have a 6 string to hit both the high and low notes that would either be impossible or a pain in the ass to reach otherwise. if however you're playing a piece where you're right up front and you need to do some slapping or fast playing, 4 strings can't be beat because the strings are nice and spaced out, and it's way harder to get confused and hit the wrong strings.

so my vote is 6 string for background, 4 string for fore-ground. of course if you don't want to buy two basses, 5 strings are the way to go, though if you're playing jazz, you may want to go with tuning EADGC instead of BEADG; higher notes are more commmon i find in most jazz.
Yeah, this bass is going to be for Black and Death metal so I really won't be worried about "slap-ability". I will, however, be worried about Ultra-Fast-Machine-Gun speed, so it would probably be better to go with the closer string spacing.