I'm new to effect pedals and just wanted to know what each of these pedals do:


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they make awesome sounds. i went to my friends house on sat. he has awesome pedals of every kind, and they make a guitar sound like RAINING BLOOD or RAINING RAINBOWS

Sustainer - helps the notes last longer, can even be to the extent that it sounds like a violin

Compressor - makes all the note sound the same volume, so if you pick some loud then others they still soudn the same

Suppressor- i've never heard of it in a guitar since, a guns silencer is called a surpressor if that helps

Delay - is exactly what it says, you play a note and it repeats it a few moments later

Reverb - is like if you were playing in a auditorium when you play a note it continues on and echos off of stuff and get softer...if that meakes since
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actually a compressor adds some boost without adding gain^
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Do you like anime/manga?
PM me about buying the graphic novels I'm trying to sell
Isn't supressor supposed to be a noise supressor?
BTW compressors add some sustain as well (not as much as a sustainer, but still adds sustain).
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