Which guitar should i get?

epiphone G-400
epiphone zakk wylde les paul custom
epiphone les paul classic
epiphone les paul custom
fender mexican stratocaster
fender fat strat

I play punk mainly bt some metal too (anti-flag, rise against, nofx, blink 182, metallica, trivium, bfmv)

What other guitars should i concider?
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i dont strats too much, i say you should go w/ a epiphone les paul.
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get the lp custom
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i would say go for with the LP custom or the ZW custom if you want punk sounds. i did too... i have a EPI LP classic, a yamaha FDO2 acoustic, a marshall MG100FDX, and a BOSS GT-8
id say SG but really its down to persona preference and i happen to be a huge fan of SGs. you should try them all and see what you like the best.
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Punk can sound 'good' on Single Coils or Humbuckers really, It all depends on taste. If you want a solid, crucnh that handles well under pleanty of distortion, humbuckers may be the way to go. But if you like the classic twag of a strat, then single coils may be the way to go. Also, have try of them, you may really dislike the feel of one guitar over another, for example the les paul over the strat.
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