im getting the fretboard down by heart so if someone were to go like
what note is one
string 4 fret 9
id know exactly what note it was

im getting my friends to call out like

string D
fret 0-12



and i respond with the fret

will that work?

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And by "Talk to girls," I mean "There once was this tootally cool girl on Xbox Live and we chatted about what level Wizardgammot we are in D & D"
Then maybe you could get your freind to call out a note like *c#* or *b* or w/e and you have to quickly play all occurences of that note. Sounds like a damn good challenge to me
get a program called "fretpro" on download.com it points to a fret and you have to answer it it also has a scale and chord dictionary and its really small
heres a link