Nice. I was expecting some sort of Dub, but thats really nice. I don't really like the orchestration behind it, seems to repetitive and cliched for me. But it is sounding very professional. Some of the guitar parts feel a little out of time for me.

I'd also love to hear some lyrics in there. I can think of so many different topics for you to use that to, but it's your song, so your ideas.

Overall, it's a great piece. If it were longer, and a tad more diverse, I'd buy it.

Good work!
Hmm song has just started and its really nice and gently. Are those violins in the background? I love the way everything is put together, really proffessional. Also the solo has a nice tone, and fits well with the song, this sort of reminds me of some of Frusciantes stuff.

Actually come to think of it, it sounds like that Oceansize song, Music for a nurse, their singers voice would fit perfectly with this. Nice job, might download it

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