i have a whole bunch of songs wich i written mainly on acoustic guitar then i pick up my electric guitar and havent a clue what 2 do 2 any of my songs 2 make them sound 'rock n roll' i thought adding solos but havent a clue how 2 make my own any ideas?
What Keys are some of theses songs in? Do you know? What chords are in the songs? then I could help you out from there
just play it on electric the same way you would on acoustic, then decide which aspects of the song don't sound as good when played on electric (as in open chords, extra open strings that would sound good if you let them ring on an acoustic but just muddy up the sound on an electric, things like that). maybe kick up the tempo or make up some funkier syncopation in the rhythms too.
look at songs like "everlong" and "plush" that have acoustic and electric versions
see how they match up, its based on chords entirely, though, so u should know those as well