Ok I wanna play rock guitar like angus young and other blues/rock players...problem is im runngin out of room in my scales, and when i use any chords besides E,A,andD the rythms wound too popy for hard rock, and I used to play punk (hence St.jimmy) so when I play power chords i either feel to metal or punk...soo yeah i need help!!!
Are you saying you don't know enouygh scales or you can't get them to sound good (I assume you know minor pentatonic, dorian, blues csales ,etc)? Either way, listen to those guys while looking at the chord structure and see if you can see trends in what they do that you can utilize. Hope this kinda helps. Other people can probably elaborate.
ugh... learn 12-bar blues progressions is your best bet, I guess, if you want to sound more bluesy.
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Playing the blues is not something you can do by just knowing the blues scale. You have to listen to some blues and grasp the idea of it. I think that blues is one of the most defined genres. You just sort of know when you play blues.
if u wanna beautiful chord progressions try allan holdsworth , he's not blues/rock but he's Fusion (Jazz-Rock) kind of guy.
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