There aren't too many musicians in this area of California, but hopefully I can meet some! I had a band starting up, but the singer ended up in a psychiatric hospital (*cough* Axl Rose *cough*), and the bass player quit after 2 weeks.

Any high school musicians in the Temecula area interested in starting a straight out rock and roll band let me know. Guns N' Roses, Clapton, The Who, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Van Halen, Jefferson Airplane, and most other classic rock bands.

Also, my friend has a progressive band he just started. They already have a rehearsal space, two amazing guitarists, and a drummer. Needs a bass player. Influenced by Dream Theater, Jason Becker.

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so basically your jsut a guitarist looking for a whole band? Never gunna work. Just network with people you know, I live in Vermont and I even know people that play.
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