Just added vocals to this piano/drum driven track. It's probably my best-recorded track so far, so I'd like to know what you all think of it

Especially concerned about feedback on the vocals, guitar solo, and outro.


Crit for crit!
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Didnt know what song to listen to but I listened to The Bubble..its really calm and cool....and I like your voice..or your singers voice..whoever it is
^ Um, actually the song title is in the thread title

Mimi, to those of you who didn't catch it...
I like your stuff a lot. Sounds like early Velvet Underground if they had access to Cool Edit Pro and a bunch of digital processing tools. Clean production and uncluttered. Sadly can't comment on the song that you were asking fro feedback on as it is the only one on the site that I can't play for some reason.
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I like your stuff a lot. Sounds like early Velvet Underground if they had access to Cool Edit Pro and a bunch of digital processing tools.
Lol, ironically enough I can't afford anything more than Audacity

*wishes I had Cool Edit Pro and a bunch of digital processing tools*

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Sadly can't comment on the song that you were asking fro feedback on as it is the only one on the site that I can't play for some reason.
Ah...dumb Dmusic.

I've now fixed it
most of your stuff sounds pretty good but that song wont playo n your site for some reason, you have a pretty decent sound, and nothing wrong with audacity everyone starts somewhere. but get that to work so i can give u crit on it

if you have time
Omg FINALLY the song works!

Please give me your thoughts on this song and its vocals now that it finally works
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i like this music, the mellow subtle chillaxing type of music. i agree with that one poster, you remind me of an early velvet underground. btw, are the vocals supposed to be low? or is it just your mic?

when u get the time
Yeah, actually, the vocals used to be louder, but they sounded really awful. The only reason they sound as "good" as they do here is because they're so low.

Are the lyrics clear or is it hard to understand what I'm singing?
thanks for checking mine out. i appreciate it.

it's a really nice, calm, progression. haha incidentally....have a listen to my post aging song for a subtle surprise. first off, the vocals. they match the feel of the music but they're off in some parts. for example aroudn 2:10 i think it should be sung lower? i like the piano break and the guitar solo was alright, not too over the top which suited the music. the vocals were alright to hear, except in some of the second verse and the outro. i would think that you'd want that to be heard, being a spoken thing after all (outro i meant)? overall it was pretty good.
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The guitar is REALLY muddy...nice calm progression.

Vocals are pretty blah...they kinda like much of an an "edge." Calm is good, but they just blur into the backing too much. Good song, very Lennonish. Gr00veh. The chord changes are nice. Piano solo is nice, but it seems to end a bit early.
You wanna post the chords? I like your changes. I'd figure them out but it's almost 1AM and I can't exactly go grab the guitar.

Nice job.
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hey man, cheers for the crit.
this song isnt what i would really listen to, but it was really relaxing and calming. does sound abit like a lennon song, like one of the other guys said. Ok, the vocals, i think sounded ok, but could probably be improved (like all of us!). I loved the chord progression, but maybe there cu've been a little change in rythm somewhere just to break it up abit. Drums matched it perferctly, and the solo wasnt over the top which made it fit in nicely.
Good job tho overall man.
i like the vocals, very relaxed, laid-back sound to them. guitar chords in backround fit in well overall with the song, so do the drums. piano solo is ok, but i thought it sounded a bit weird near the beginning, sort of in a weird time. guitar solo is pretty good, it fits in well with the rest of the song, however, maybe the volume of it could be turned down slightly, it jumps out a bit to much i think.nice fade out at the end. overall, a really good song.
returning the favor

the intro is nice, lil clean simple arpeggio action, i like it, the drums are really laid back. Good little atmosphere. Can't say im big on the vocals, but hey not my style. good decent lyrics, fit the mood and all. i agree with the guy above, guitar solo is good but it is a bit loud. i can't say i don't like it. cheers on a job well done.
bee yatch
I liked it.
It's laid back, very relaxing.
Piano sounds nice, I also liked the solo.
The drums are great.
The guitar in the back ground fits nicely.
The guitar solo is OK, although I think it was too distorted, if that makes sence?
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typing as I listen

ooh intro sounds like its underwater... rather fantastic already, probably my favourite intro I've ever heard on here. Pianos just kicked in, fits nicely, maybe a bit Coldplay but thats ok. Vocals are very flat, but can see what your getting at. Radiohead fan by any chance? Lovely production to the entire recording, but I'm afraid the vocals are a little distracting, they could probably do with being redone or finding another singer. Little piano solos quite nice, I like the minimalist feel. nice song, I like it


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