- No floyd-rose type double locking trem.
- 6 String
- Solid Body
- I prefer Ibanez mostly, though im open for other suggestions
- I play alot of hard rock and classic rock. Stuff like Zeppelin and AC/DC to 90' rock like RATM and RHCP, and current stuff.

Basically a non-floyd rose guitar, hopefully Ibanez, something I can change from standard to dropped D with ease.
Ibanez SZ series
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Ibanez SZ series

Yeah that or a nice Schecter of some sort
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get a schecter classic, done deal
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jimmy page, tom morrello, and john frusciante all played strats. maybe you want something like that? scechters are usually nice. pretty versatile too
I'd say Schecter or a Les Paul.
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boogs: i have never seen jimmy page with a strat. i may just be an ignorant fool.

as i always do, look at washburns. the idol line has some amazing makes, the 64DL and up are absolutely facinating instruments. very versitile from cleans to distortion, wiht a great feel, solid tone, and amazing tuning stability. check em out.