I need some advice on choosing my second bass...i currently have a Ibanez SR300DX Soundgear and i like it but i want to step up to a nicer bass..i have looked at the music man stingray even tho they are a little pricey i have heard great things about them..also the fender mark hoppus signature bass..i play pop/punk style music in a band i want a bass that will give me the best sound for that type of music......maybe even a 5 string bass i really dont kno i just need some advice...thanx
i'd get either a 5 string warwick thumb bass or a rickenbacker. but for pop-punk you cannot go wrong with a fender p-bass. by the way don't buy an artist sig bass they just don't live up to the hype
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I have a warwick thub bolt on 5 String and I can play any style i fcking want. It rocks real hard. But its quite PRICEEY.