im not sure where to put this but yea, the topic is my question. i plan on learning violin soon and i was wondering if i could just put an acoustic pickup on it to make it electric. of course id be using metal strings and all so they could pick up the vibrations. or if someone knows of a cheap violin pickup, tell me

I think EMG makes some.
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my friend said shes putting a "jack" on her violin so she can play through an amp... so its possible
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I dont think EMG makes any, I checked the website and they only have guitar and bass, I dont see why an acoustic pickup wouldnt work though.

Heres the website though if you wanna look.

EMG Website
Buy an electric violin? (Musiciansfriend.com)
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Though they make pickups speifically for thoes instruments, I DO NOT RECOMMEND using your acoustic pickup if it is a coiled type of pick up for the simple reason that violin strings are not guitar strings, for starters they cost a heck of a lot more. What would work is if you had an acoustic pickup that was the kind that attached to the wood of your guitar via putty etc... that kind you should put on the bridge of the violin, but you will need to eq the amp a bit if it is a guitar amp.
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yea i saw EMGs site.

since im just starting out on violin i want to buy a cheap one. around $100 or so. Fender makes an electric violin for $499 on musicians friend, im not spending that much when i can just do this
I think there are a few Acoustic-Electric violins for around $300. I'd be weary of an $100 violin.
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