this may belong in gear and accesories, but i have a feeling it may be better here. anyway. who has a wireless pack? what kind do you have? how much interference do you get? whats the range? would you recomend it?

this is basically cause i am looking for a good wireless pack, as i feel so restricted onstage with the cable. i want to be free to run around and put on more of a show, than be in one general area playing. any way, post away, and feel free to leave comments and recomendations.
A wireless pack is a nicety, NOT a needed item. I don't trust a radio band to get all my tone to my amp. I do trust a directly connected 30-40 foot cable, though.
AKG WMS40, none, the farthest I've gone with it was from my second-story room out to my car port, it works great, especially live, and I HIGHLY RECCOMEND ONE!! I never have to worry about my clutz ass stepping on a cord and yanking something out, and I can run all the hell around the stage. Next to my amp and my guitar its my most favorite piece of equipment.
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