Awesome tone. Great playing. The solo sounded really nice. Great job Cosmo.
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I really like this. The tone on the second chorus was awesome, although I didn't care too much for the lead tone in the solo. Great job on playing the solo though, that was spot on. 8/10
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love megadeth, you always have good covers, the tone is awesome for the rhythm, needs vocals, that'd be sweet. Don't like the lead tone much, pretty good on the solo, hard to follow marty, nice work though dude, we should do a collab cover of a megadeth song sometime
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nice work dude keep rockin

ps i love ure cowboys from hell cover as well....very classy fellow u are.

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tis cool, although not as good the original, all hail marty and dave

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Thanks everyone.I used my digitech genesis 3 for the tone and a ESP custom horizon.