The band I'm in has finally started to write some original songs.
I'm the guitarist in the band and so it's up to me to play/come up with the guitar solo's. I've been playing for about 2 years but have previously focused more on rythmn guitar so I cannot play that fast yet.
When it comes to writing metal solos I'm finding it very hard to get something that sounds metal while still at lower speeds. It always ends up sounding blues/rock.
I'm using the major/minor pentatonic and major scales.

I'm practicing on building up speed everyday, but until that time I would be cool to have some metal solos that aren't lightning fast but still fit within the genre.

Any comments, ideas would really help.
try using the harmonic minor, it can soudn pretty evil at slower speeds or its really nice if you have a really heavy riff then go decent fast over it
i sort of have the same problem you have. don't use the minor pentatonic, for the reason you named, it sounds way too bluesy. And definately, DEFINATELY do not use the major scale, because it sounds way too happy to be metal. I like the harmonic minor a lot as well as the phrygian, they sound much more metal, even at slower speeds. hope this helps
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Variate around that slowly and you can kinda get the slow maidenish sounds, if that's what you're after
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