Im jus starting to learn palm muting and encorporating them in to song
wat are some good tips to get good quality sound outta every note?

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just get your palm down on the strings and fiddle around, you'll get it eventually.
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palm muting gives you a chunky yet clearer tone to a song. sometimes when you just play open strings(no pm) you might drown a vocal, palm muting is done alot over verses..instead of choruses...
as for actually doing it..
just rest the right side of your palm gently over the strings, just slightly over the bridge.. as for strumming a palm muting song, you leave your palm in the same position but the power and control of the strum will now have to come a little more from your fingers (index n thumb/whichever controls the pick). cos if you move your wrist too much you might lose the muting intended.. but as always, good practise makes perfect...
a good lesson in dynamics. with palm muting, you will now be able to have much more control over the dynamics of your playing. practise palm muting alot by just playing a simple riff, just say...

practise this riff (or anything easy for you at first, even a simple G---5--5--5--5--5--5) over n over again, and mute the Bold part.. you'll get the hang of it...

you can also practise dynamics by controlling how much of the pick plucks the string, for instance, if i were to pluck a string with more of my pick (pick goes deeper into the string) i will get a stronger note sounding compared to when i pluck a string with less pick (just use the tip of the pick)... this is good practise because most people tend to think that the harder you pick the better, this tends to lead to your hand getting tired easy (maybe not at your level, but its good to practise well early so that you wont have to break out of the habit later on... so just maybe practise the same riff as above (or any easy riff or lick you might know of) and try experimenting with these things.. alot of people tend to forget their dynamics when playing...its good to start early... and always use a metronome and build up speed slowly, at your own pace..

good luck..hope this helped...
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Practice plam muting to the point where you forget you're even doing it. Another song that has loads of palm muting is... Metallica: Master of Puppets.
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Practice plam muting to the point where you forget you're even doing it. Another song that has loads of palm muting is... Metallica: Master of Puppets.

wouldnt you say that, for someone at the beginning of learning palm muting, that Master of Puppets is a little bit too hard maybe? no offence to the threadstarter or you...just saying..
perfect song to practice, that has, tons and loads, and pretty much is all palm muting is act of depression by underoath, fun song to play. and use the tips the people here gave you, good tips.
blink 182 has a lot of easy palm muting stuff that would be good for practice.

Meh you can practice palm muting on anything. use your picking hand's palm to mute strings lower then what you are playing, and use your fretting hand's fingers to mute everything above what is being played
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