OK, don't flame me for it, but I'm picking up either a Squier Standard or an Affinity Tele and I'm gonna have some fun modding it .

I will probably want to replace the pickups and I need some advice, so here's what I want.

I play lots of rock (alternative, southern, a bit of punk) and some blues, so I want a neck pickup with a nice overall sound for chord playing. Nice with some distortion or crunch, and pretty good clean as well. On the bridge, I want something I can turn on just for soloes. I want something that'll really scream for my rock soloes, but also work for a nice crunchy blues solo.

Any suggestions?
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Do you want single coils or humbuckers?
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the pups on my tele are pretty sweet i think the bridge would be ideal for what you want the neck might be a little weak though. they are seymour duncan alnico 2 pro, they say moderate output but thats just the neck the bridge is hotter than my lp
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Wayward_Son: I don't care if they are single coils or humbuckers. I can pick up a tele with either in them.

spiritinthesky9: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into those.

I was thinking of getting a Fat Tele and putting a Gibson '57 Classic in the neck and then something else in the bridge. A single coil of some sort obviously.

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I have a set of 52's in my Mexican Tele, the brige is absolutely beautifil for chords and the bridge gives you the true Tele twang.

I use a 4-way mod switch and the 4th position is great for leads, or just overdriving your amp.

They're fairly cheap too, you can get a set for what you'd pay for a single SD pup
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