Well, I have been playing for about a year and half I'd say. Not as seriously as I should have till recently. I know minor pentatonic scales, how to shift them from key to key, Major scales I'm learning now, and the circle of 5ths, readin the sharp count to see the key etc.

Anyways my questions are, I just started lessons a week ago , and I've took them once before. Last time I went for 2 lessons to a guy at a Music Education spot, and this time I'm going to a guy from a guitar store. They are both well known spots and good teachers. But the thing is, they both told me when I went to them to anchor my hand , like, wrist area to the guitar, right behind the bridge kind of. And I usually never anchor, and I see everyone on here the majortiy of people say not to anchor. I don't want to insult the guy for not following his teaching method, but like I just feel so much more strain when I try and anchor. Is it just because I'm not used to this method, or what?

And how should I go about of telling him basically, I don't want to anchor, and continue lessons, without insulting him lol.

Also, any suggestions on what to read up on, things that will help and what not, while not doing the lessons oriented stuff.
He's wrong - tell him as bluntly as you like.

'Dude, anchoring sucks!' or 'Excuse me, but through reasearch and personal experience I've found anchoring my hand to the guitar produces excess tension in my picking hand'.

I think.. what he's trying to do is give you (as a beginner) terra firma in which to familiarize within.. when you're a beginner or someone who hasn't practiced and applied non-anchoring, resting your hand on the body gives you an increased sense of accuracy - so it's natural for you to adopt to the most comfortable position.

If he's one of those out-dated teachers who tells you 'Do whatever's comfortable!' then he should listen to you when you say '...but like I just feel so much more strain when I try and anchor!' - Although, if he's actually advocating anchoring your hand to the guitar.. ask him to give floating a try and see if his methods change. (You'll normally find people who advocate anchoring have no other option because they can't or haven't attempted to play with a floating hand).. if he still advocates it, then dump him and find someone who knows what they're talking about.
i think you should do what is comfortable for you.. if you think you can pull of everything he asks you too, then just tell his you feel that way... if he is wise he should understand you... alot of ppl say that you should always play comfortably... but always give both ways a try, his way might help you in show you that you are able to do more with anchoring... if not then just go with it your way... peace..