ok i need a bass amp for shows.

my budget is around 1000 dollars

i need a head and a cabinet.

my style is hardcore.

any suggestions?
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Yorkville XS400H for the head. Its 400watts with a tube pre-amp. I like it.
Ampeg B410HE for the cab. I dont know how that would do for hardcore...but it sounded good to me!
I'm not a big fan of Yorkvilles new bass heads. This tube preamp business is useless in my mind. I find the preamp to colour your sound and therefore limits your tone possibilities

Ampeg does Hybrids right, but I'm a big fan of Hartke and Mark Bass gear (And older Yorkville if you can find it. I got my 400 watt head for 300 CDN)
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Why do you need a head and combo? Why not get a powerful cab?

GK 700RB-II or 1001RB-II (Used you can get a 700 for 300 if you look, a 1001 for <500 if you look) and whatever cab you want.