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Difficulty doesn't matter.

Who do you think has the funnest to play solos, or the solos that sound the best? Include the song title(s), and why you chose that artist.

I'm really bored and i searched, so dont flame me if its been done or if its a stupid idea.

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To me, Dave Mustaine has the most creative solos.
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My personal favorite is Tom Morello, he comes up with so many different ideas, and hes one of my idols (Rage Against the Machine | Audioslave)

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And by "Talk to girls," I mean "There once was this tootally cool girl on Xbox Live and we chatted about what level Wizardgammot we are in D & D"
Either Jimmy Page or Hendrix
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i would say...Tom Morello during his Rage Against The Machine Years...I mean, have you heard his solo for Bulls On Parade? It's CRAZY!!!! No notes played, just a bunch of pick slides.
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To me, Dave Mustaine has the most creative solos.


ide like to say randy rhoads or jake E lee. although they are not the most creative there solos show a lot of emotion and are very very fun to play
I was always fond a Larry LaLonde's ever since I heard Jerry was a racecar driver.

Marty Friedman definitely.
Hendrix, Gilmour, Satch, Vai, Morello, and Dime.
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

Bunch of faggots putting random riffs together and calling it "progressive" deathcore.
Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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Marty Friedman
Al Di Meola
Steve Vai
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John McLaughlin
Allan Holdsworth
Jeff Beck
Nuno Bettencourt
Pat Metheny
David Gilmour
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Lots of guitarist mentioned above & I'm a fan of most of them. However some of the finest solo guitarists haven;t been the most creative. As much of a fan of Satch, Jimmi, Gilmour, I think there have been more creative players.

I'd go for Carl Verheyen as simply the best guitar player of the last 25 years.
Frank Marino for the creativeness on tracks like "Electric reflections of War" and "New World anthem"
Ritchie Blackmore for adding classical influence to mainstream rock (despite the influence he's had over that fat prancing donkey - Malmsteen)
Tom M for a lot of the RATM stuff.
Eddie Van Halen
Fredie King
Peter Green
Allan Holdsworth
Larry carlton
and Hendrix's Machine gun
steve howe definitely
I think Mikael Akerfeldt's Solos are very unique.
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Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead)
Matt Bellamy (Muse)
and some of the guys other people have said...
To me the ones that stand out are:

John Petrucci
Steve Vai
Marty Freidman
George Lynch
Joe Satriani
Randy Roads
Gus G

and the guys from Helloween and Hammerfall, forgot their names... Especially the song Halloween from Helloween, he made some awesome solos...
eric johnson, gary moore, steve vai, joe satriani, steve ray vaughan

Gotta say good ol' Satch. His stuff is alwasy fresh and original.
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Bitches be Crazy.

Gilmour (Echoes, Money, Time)
Harrison (Let it Be, Octopus' Garden)
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Paul Gilbert
Steve Vai
Jerry Garcia
Wes Montgomery
Joe Pass
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gotta be hendrix or gilmour or townshend whos psychedelic solos put u on like a drug high
every note sounds perfect
I always dug hendrix's stuff, not so much his solos but his rhythm stuff was very original. EVH and Randy Rhodes were pretty revolutionary in his day, but i'd have to say Steve Vai and Jimmy Page for really pushing the limits and trying new things.
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John McLaughlin
Allan Holdsworth
Jeff Beck
Nuno Bettencourt
Pat Metheny
David Gilmour

Damn right!

Especially Holdsworth, McLaughlin (not just his solos, but all of Mahavishnu is insane) and of course Metheny! Steve Howe and Steve Hackett too, those guys rock and are so creative!

I love how most of the people mentioned here so far play generic-ish blues based solos ...
Paul Gilbert - tech difficulties/ scarified
Steve Vai - tender surrender/for the love of god
Satch - super collossal
Micheal Romeo - of sins and shadows
Jason Becker ---- surprised no one mentioned him
David Gilmour - comfortably numb
The guys from opeth - epilogue
Marty Friedman
Jon donais - fire in babylon
R. R - believer
Slash - sweet child of mine
Dime - cemetary gates
and the list goes on
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Al Di Meola
Charlie Christian
Django Reinhardt
Pat Metheny
Wes Montgomery
John McLaughlin
Jan Akkerman (Focus)
Yngwie Malmsteen
Brian May
Jimmy Page

and so many more, luckily ...
i would have to say either: David Gilmour or Marty Freidman

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Dimebag, Blackmore, EVH - all brought something completely new to the table.
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Zakk Wylde and Dimebag man. If you have ever heard Dime play, you know why he's on the list. If you question Zakk Wylde, I advice you to check out a solo he did for In this River during a gig in Paris.
Seriously, they are so good I almost **** my pants whenever I hear them play, and that is not something I am ashamed of (well, I'm a little ashamed).
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