ok so i have a behringer v-tone gmx212 (120 watt combo). i had a guitar center warrenty on it. lately my amp has been ringing a nice piercing hum so i called on the warranty. they said that the amp wasnt worth shipping and time for repair so i get to keep the amp and they are sending me a $260.00 check wich is the retail pricew of the amp. so i have already decided that i think i'll get the crate power block. (does anyone know if this head will be good for metal music or just good in general) so i am also getting an extra 150 from my job on saturday. so for around 250 to 300 dollars what is a good cab for both the powerblock and my combo. any help please
ok that saves me 100 bucks. but now to find both cab and head for under 400 dollars
those are some funky colors......not really my style and confusing page 2. oh and i should probably have said i have 2 spend the money at guitar center. its a 2 party check. so only stuff at guitar center
Carvin Legacy 4 x 12 cabinet. I found mine used for 250. It's loaded with Vintage 30's, built like a tank, has casters, is 16Ohm and isnt goofy looking.
I have a Crate Powerblock with a POD XT in front of it, plugged into a 300w 4x12 Stereo Cab, and it sounds unbelievable - if you don't have a POD or something, you COULD just buy a BOSS distortion pedal or something and put it in front of the Powerblock, but honestly if you don't want to go the whole modelling route, avoid the Powerblock, as it's basically designed for and marketed at POD guys like me.
kool i already go through much modeling with my fab(cheap i know) and digitech sumtin (millions of settings) so i guess the powerblock will work. can swing with a 400 watt cab? i have decided that my trusted amp makers at behrenger will make the ultrastack 400 watt with jenson speakers worth my money. if anyone can tell me seriously that it is not worth it to get it than i'll consider somthing else otherwise thanx for the advice it helped quite a bit.