well i have a peavy micro bass 20w that i got a little while ago but i plan to use it for a while til im better, once i get better i want to get a stack, should i get a stack ro jsut upgrade to something bigger then a stack, and what specific amp should i get?
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erm...a stack is about as big as youre going to get. A 2x10 bass combo will work for most size gigs. You dont really need a huge ass 8x10 cab and a 3000watt amp or anything. Maybe check into Ashdown bass stuff. Its really nice. They have a really awesome 4x10 combo.
sounds sweet, because i only recently started bass but im already in a band, and im not not gunna lie, ive progressed very quickly and there are some concerts at some local highschools that are open for any1 to play at, so my band was thinking of doing those so, thanks for the help
Do you, you, feel like I do?