Ivory coats my fingers;
They move for that warmth.
There?s a lamp above my head but
I?m worried that it will
Light my hair on fire.

Irony creeps and covers my brain
Like molasses, or a pyroclastic
Lava flow. How can I
Wish for warmth and then
Douse myself in water?

Pianos are such curious things:
They make all sorts of complaints
When you touch them, but
Give you the silent treatment
If you pick up a guitar.
Haha well it definitely gave me a chuckle But far from good. That last verse/paragraph doesn't really make much sense, any instrument gives you a silent treatment if you don't play them...well save for an electric guitar if left near an amp while powered on, then the guitar give you all sorts of complaints. So all in all it doesn't make a piano all that curious but I digress I forgot why I was arguing my own point.

Funny read though! thanks!