Hey, I'm looking for a good wah pedal for the money. I play classic rock, metal, hard rock, and a bit of blues, lots of Satriani stuff if that helps. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Vox V847 and the Ibanez Weeping Demon, which would be better for my playing style?
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No question get the vox, though the dunlop 535q and crybaby from hell are worth a look also
I've been considering the Weeping Demon for a long time now, much thanks to its ability to tweak it, but it doesn't seem all that popular around here. I'd like to be able to control my volume though (or, at least, have a wah that doesnt drop as much in volume as the Dunlop standard wah I once had did), and the mode where you activate it just by pressing the pedal down, without having to touch a button in the front with the toetip or anything , is also very tempting. I know some Morleys have this function aswell, how are their volume output? And does Vox have anything similar?

Oh, noticed now that there are several Morley Wahs with level controls. Any recommendations? I'm afraid I won't be able to try one out at any music store nearby, Morley just isn't that well represented in Sweden.

Power Wah Volume seems nice since I've considered a volume pedal aswell for some time now. Do you simply switch between wah-mode/volume-mode with a switch in the side or something?
And are the Power Wahs in general switchless as well?
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vox man!! i have one and its great! great buy!

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Get the Vox, I have a weeping demon and it blows. I don't know why people say you can tweak it so much I guess you can make it sound like crap in a lot of different ways.
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One thing, when I posted a similar wah thread (for rock,hard rock and metal) nobody recommended the vox for that did they? So what I'm saying is, why is everyone saying get the Vox, when it's not good for metal and rock?
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Vox, i liked my WD a lot at first, but now i regret getting it.
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It's good for rock, and it can work for metal, his main choice is classic rock which is what it's made for, and he plays blues too.
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