not a finished song, but i have some ideas and riffs put together. any feedback would be appreciated.

guitar pro sounds better with the RSE off

new update to the song (still not finished). i tweaked some drums (not a drummer so sorry not too great). i changed the tempo to make it faster and i added more to the song. i have a soloish thing but its not finished and i think its way out of key*.

*ways to improve/change the key of the solo part would be appreciated
updated song.zip
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I didn't really like the drum intro, you should change that. I liked the bass riff after that. Also, when the guitar goes 2 - 5 (during the intro), it doesn't really sound right. Other than that, that riff is pretty cool too. I liked the verse, and the little chorus part after that too. But, I think your time signatures are out somehow, it just didn't feel right. Like bar 13, 17 and 21. Other than that it's fine, looking forward to the next version.

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Meh it was decent, I think for the type of music your doing it needs to be a tad faster to interest people. Try to work on the drums during the intro they sounded very cliche.
It's good, but for a metal song, you need to put some more toms in the drums, and make them louder. You need to make the metalhead fans' ears bleed (lol). As for the solo thingamajig at the start, i think its good until after the first two bars, which is when you start changing the solo. Are you using a scale to write that? If so, then what one? I don't think metal needs to be fast (Ozzy Osbourne), but it helps. Anyways, your song, your choice (major cliche).