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What's the hardest song you can play? How long have you been playing for, and at what level do you classify as?

me = been playing guitar for 2 years; hardest song i can play (or tried to since i'm not a lot into lead) is "and all things will end" - avenged sevenfold. I concider myself as intermediate.
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ive been playing for a year and a half and the hardest thing i can play is far beyond the sun by yngwie malmsteen(the first like 2 minites) or eruption (i practised alot). im intermediate
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Um... I can play quite a few Black Dahlia Murder song, I guess they're pretty hard. I've been seriously playing since last Christmas, because that's when I got my first electric.
I've been playing for about 7 months, and the hardest song I can play, all they way through, is Paschendale, without the solo. I suck...I know
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I've been playing for about 5 years and once I finish 2112 by Rush then that will be my greatest accomplishment
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machine gun by hendrix. maybe voodoo chile. the solo to mr crowley was hard like 5 years ago.

i dono nothing is hard that i like to play to me anymore.
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After 3 years, I have all of Satch Boogie down, so I feel I've accomplished something.
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far beyond the sun
yeah I bs the last 2 mins
2 years
id say intermediate.
for the first guy, a7x all things will ends OK, try master of puppets now.
ok as in ok of a song, because i hate post and pre waking the fallen
Palsms of Lidia -- Nevermore

I'm not sure of my level, probally beginer because I can't write songs for ****.
Probably Voodoo Child, or Sultans of Swing (minus outro solo). I consider myself intermediate.
i can play pretty much anything by project 86, breaking benjamin (with a few exceptions) and i can play lateralus by tool, parts of the pot, schism, and some metallica stuff....ive been playing for about a year and a half
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I've been playing for 2 years, I can play Forty-Six and 2 and Schism, both by Tool, though they aren't necessarily "hard". In terms of hard, I would have to say the solo to "Juicebox" by the Strokes was difficult to get down. Right now I'm learning the fills for Crazy Train, and once I polish that off, I'll consider that the hardest thing I've learned.
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Hm... I've been for maybe a year and a half now... and I can almost play the intro of Alaska by Between the Buried and Me. Still has a few mistakes though.
I've been playing for six months, the hardest song I can play is probably enter sandman, I dont have a wah though, so the solo sounds like ****, the next hardest things I can play are iron man (original version with just one solo) and The megadeth version of paranoid I like daves solo better, I would say i'm intermediate for how long I've been playing.
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Just over 2 years seriously.

No idea about hardest song but Blindfolds Aside by Protest The Hero.

Yes, the piano at the begining too, but I learned that by ear so it's iffy.
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I havent really practiced in a while, so right now the hardest song i can play is Cita en el Quirofano by Panda

edit: Oh yeah I've been playing for about 2 1/2 years
Good question... Um, probably Gunshot by Trivium, but I really don't know.

EDIT: I've been playing for 9 months or so.
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Well, i dunno. I learnt the solo in stairway to heaven the other day though.

Edit: the hardest thing i can play is the solo in dont fear the reaper or the solo in burnin for you (both by blue oyster cult)

Edit: been playing for 7 months (my teacher says im really good for the time ive played but i reckon all teachers say that)
hmm i'd say Opeth - Black Rose Immortal (ive learnt the one guitar, gunna learn the other soon so i can play both solo's), been playing a year and half or so, i'd say im getting decent, my control and techniques improved a lot recently because i started using an amp more (well, my computer speakers through my effects pedal, my amps shocking )
i can write catchy riffs but not put them into songs or expand on them much
and i learn things pretty quickly

so yeah
i'd say intermediate but towards the middle-top end
I've been playing for 1 year and 3 months.

The hardest song that I can play is Canon Rock by JerryC

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About a year and a half....and the best thing I can play is Warmness on the Soul by Avenged Sevnfold....and I even play that out of time
I just can't seem to practice, in the whole time I "played" I could have practiced that much in two weeks....
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ive played for 2 years... i know the domination solo, basically anything i want to learn i can play now, i just don't know where to go with my playing now because learning songs isn't fun at all anymore.
3 years, but since for the past year or so I've been concentrating more on writing songs, I'm at "Rock'n'Roll" by Zepplin, "Final Countdown", Learning "Hot for Teacher" - VanHalen and "Midnight" - Satriani at the moment, they don't seem TOO hard to me.

EDIT: ah, and "Cemetary Gates" (every single note ) and "Revolution is my Name" (not very well, though) by Pantera
I have been playing for about 4 years now but i really got into serious practicing just this last year so i actually sometimes say i have only been playing for about 2 years (when i first got my guitar i never played it much). I have been trying to get many many solos down, especially mask of sanity by Children of Bodom, but so far their all amazingly hard for me. Im still working my way up though. I consider myself intermediate.
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I've been playing bass for a year and can almost play the Ytse Jam by Dream Theater, although the solo is still iffy in certain places. And recently I've been working on stamina and can now do The Trooper and Caught Somewhere In time without my right arm seizing up.
Ive been playing 4 years, but i can't say i have learned anything ridiculously impressive. I do, however, focus on songwriting and the rythmic side of it more that technical solos.
i can play the intro to smells like teen spirit.
im working on the solo.

in all seriousness though, the hardest stuff (or the stuff i was felt the most accomplishment from learning) was the whole of relationship of command (except invalid litter dept) rhythm, lead and bass.
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I can play all of Downfall by Children Of Bodom, I was pretty happy when I nailed it I've been playing 2 years this month.
playin for about a year and the hardest song is Classical Gas by Eric Clapton, im gettin a shreddin 7string in a month or two and start to learn shredding cuz im bored of classical stuff
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three years.

ummmm probably eugenes trickbag (i dont remember the realy name... but its by Vai) or Cannon D.
That's tough, I have no idea.

Master of Puppets is sorta hard with the solo, I guess.

I have been playing for three years...Intermediate maybe.
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ive been playing for a year and a half and the hardest thing i can play is far beyond the sun by yngwie malmsteen(the first like 2 minites) or eruption (i practised alot). im intermediate

Same here, (I have the link to far beyond the sun in my sig), but before I picked the electric guitar I had experience with the Portuguese guitar.
I've been playing bass for two months...hardest song I can play is Master of Puppets - Metallica. Well I stuff up a bit, but I know it pretty well. I consider it...intermediate?
thunderhorse by dethklok still a little off in the sweeping but the rest is good
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I've been playing seriously for about a year and the hardest song I can play is Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin (including the solo )
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