Sorry for the double topic, i think i put this on the wrong board at first.

Hey, me and my friends first attempt at writing a real song, if anyone coud give some pointers it would be great. Sorry for the bad recording quality, i used cheap recording software / computer amps and it was my first time to really play a bass or drums at all (looking for a bassist and drummer still). I used fruity loops for the drums at the begginning and a cheap squire bass someone lent to me for a day. Guitar is a stock gibson xplorer. Its not quite finished but its close (no lyrics or ending).


Any advice would be appreciated.
I think this has got some great potential. Tighten it up a little bit in the middle just before the solo section and you've got it. You'll need a powerful vocalist to cope with that barrage of guitars!!! Has a bit of an Iron Maiden feel to it - I like!
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yea this could definately go somewhere...if u guys came out with a cd id buy it lol

same here, pretty awesome
Who dat?
Added the ending........
I like it.

One thing you can do to it is when one of the guitarist keeps playing two notes.
Examples: --7---8--7--8--7-8--7--8--7--8--7-8,


Example: -9--10--9-10-9--10--9-10-9--10--9-10

He plays them a little too long, maybe add more in such as





I hope you understand the point im trying to get across

Happens from 2:04 - 2:13