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pick - do them with a guitar pick
thumb - pretty self-explanatory, you make your thumb strike all the strings like a pick
fingernails - curl your hand then flick down with your fingernails
seperate - use different fingers for each string
other - other, please post.

I do the fingernails one most of the time, but I can't really do it fast enough. What is a good technique to use?
It depents on the song kind of.
Like if it was a jazzy song i would probably use separate fingers for each string.
but it it was more of a rock/ metal whatever song I'd probably use the pick one. I would use the others on very rare occasions. The fingernails one seems pretty unnecessary unless you're playing flamenco bass :-p

pick sounds the best
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Woo! I'm the only one who said fingernails so far. I use my nails because i don't like to use a pick.
Now let's not turn this into another one of the 6 billion other "FINGER VS PICK RAH I HATE PICKS = NO SKILL" threads.

It depends on the song I'm playing, if its fast I'll more than likely use a pick.
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It pretty much depends on speed. If I don't need to play that quickly I'll use my fingers, but if I need to be faster, I'll either sue a pick or my thumb.
I use my thumb, but that's only because whenever play chords on my bass they are in the higher octave and melodic, not root-5 metal songs.. Think Stu Hamms Love Thang and you get the picture..
Hmm.. I experimented for a little while. For the root-5th or bass powerchord thing, I find putting my thumb against my pointer finger and using my nail like a pick works well, and I can switch to fingerstyle/tapping quickly, unlike a pick. Anybody else do that?
i use all the methods above, but most of the time fingernails. it seems like the most versatile technique - you can go "flamence" lol, sound agressive or soft, or shape your nails like pick and get that "pick sound" . not to mention fingernails go a long way when you want to try sweeping and tapping(one after another) on bass
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Flamenco claypool style. Is that what you mean by "finger nail"?

Unless I need a softer tone, like in "Portrait of Tracy". Then I just chord fingerstyle.

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Now let's not turn this into another one of the 6 billion other "FINGER VS PICK RAH I HATE PICKS = NO SKILL" threads.

It depends on the song I'm playing, if its fast I'll more than likely use a pick.

Uhh......no one said anything similar to that at all.....that seemed retty unnecessary. Anyways, I use all of those, but I mostly use a pick nowadays.
hardly ever use a pick, unless its something with hardly any change in rhythm and is quick, i just prefer finger picking, but i mix all th others together with chords
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Since I usually only play chords when i play some Stanley Clarke, I usaully just pop more than one string at a time, gives it a nice bright sound. If I happen to (rarely) play other stuff with chords like John the Fisherman or w/e, I'll use the fingernails, also that doesn't seem to be the best way to describe it.
When I use double stops, I use my thumb and my index finger. But it really depends on how fast Im playing, but I only use Double stops in more slower lines.
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for slower softer songs i use my thumb index and middle in a classical guitar picking style.
for faster songs i'll use a pick unless theres some intense riffs i need to use my fingers for., then i'd use my finger nails or my thumb depending on which one's are feeling better (think this velvet glove by rhcp).
I usually tap chords on the bass. Usually when I'm trying to make up for the lack of rythem guitar.
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I use whatever is easiest for the situation. Sometimes I do my fingernails/falmenco pick, sometimes seperately, and sometimes it's the thumb. It is rarley the pick however, as I rarely play with one. Not very helpful, i know, but I guess you should just do whatever you are comforatable with/whatever is easier.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, I also tap, if it is needed.
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