I have a sh!tty $150 Johnson Bass....I think its made in China. Piece of sh!t but hay.
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I have a Ibanez GSR 200, its accualy not to bad I like it alot.
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Behringer DSP1000
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Cort C4

And i'm gassing for a Cort A6
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Hopefully soon an SX/Douglas/Brice Fretless.... if anyone has had dealings with them on their fretless basses, gimme a shout
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i have a warwick thumb bass (4 string) which is an awsome bass and probably the best one i will ever own and i also have a white mexican fender p-bass which i play at gigs
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Austin J Bass with a natural finish.

It's not the most expensive or prettiest bass ever, but it's got a good tone and it works for what I wanna do.
Epiphone Thunderbird Goth is what I play, but before I got that I played a Squire P-Bass.
Schecter Stiletto Elite-4

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A MIM Fender Standard and a.... wait for it... 1974 Ash bodied Fender Jazz with a 1978 Fender Precision Maple neck/fretboard. Please, no-one ask anything about the second one....it's a sensitive issue at the moment.
I have two basses that I play. Their currently still in my father's possesion, but one day...
*Looks hopefully to the sky.*

They are both handmade Curbows, some of you may have heard of him. The first one is a five stringer TX 33, and the other is a fretless 6 stringer and I'm not sure of the model number.
An Ibanez EDB-400 (Luthite)
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Washburn XB125 and XB925.
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Yamaha RBX170 but hopefully an Ibanez Soungear six string by christmas.
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