hey doo00oods i just got pro tools 7, and it only lets you export your songs into wav files. myspace only accepts mp3! is there a program out there that can help me?
all help would be appreciated.
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Download Ease Audio Converter. Should do the trick.
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get audacity, import the WAV file then export it as an MP3
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I know this might be outta line, but i used Adobe Audition for all my recordings/editing/format transfers/EVERYTHING really.. it can do so much.. plus there are things like noise filters/add reverb/dynamic EQ's/Minus 1 maker/ and so many things i cant even begin to describe or explain cos it would take forever... its a really good tool for my recording or just my music in general.. plus ive heard of it being able to create backing tracks if youre really good with it.. Maybe Audition is out of style/Pricey/not famous or whatever but it really does the job really really well for me.. hope it helps in some way..
There is an open source little script called Razorlame that let's you do batch conversions. I don't have the time to convert 10 different files seperately. I can do it all at once with Razorlame.

Highly Recommended!