hi, im a begginer guitarist yeah and i got a Peavey Raptor Exp atm yeah a gay ass guitar atm but im tossing up bout gettin a Washburn Force 2, a floyd rose (ibanez or jackon rose that is ) or a guitar im not quite sure the name of it but it has no whammy bar insert (like the hole in the bridgework) but has a risen bridge and a coiltap hit me back please please memba im a begginer guitarist

Thx In Advance
Stick with what you have at the moement, there is very little point in getting a new guitar. You havent mentioned what type of amp you have, if you dont have a good amp then i would recomend sorting that out....say a cube 30 or cube 60 if you have the money for them.

As a beginner the guitar you have is ideal for you, wait until you have played longer before getting a new one. I can never understand beginner guitar players nowadays, after 3-6 month of playing they suddenly want to upgrade the guitar they have, what you have is adequate just wait a bit longer.

I would really steer away from a floyd rose if you are a beginer, floyd rose bridges make palm mutting difficult and they force you to play in a slightly different way (when you have experience built up this inst an issue). Also Floyd Rose bridges are slightly more tricky to re-string, set-up, maintain and adjust so at this point its not worth it for you.
As a beginner i would recommend an economy guitar which might be cheap, but also sounds good. I recommend the Epiphone Les Paul Standard which is $380. it is reasonable priced but sounds just like an amazing guitar. I say this because u being a beginner, dont want to be let off by a cheap guitar which cannot make you play well and does not give you good sound. This will discourage you. Also as a beginner, u dont wanna spend much. So the epi les paul fits in. resonably priced while giving great sound, action, and playability. Practice hard with it for about 2 years until you become good. then go for an amazing guitar.
But doesn't he want a guitar with a whammy bar?
I finally got my gear!

Squier Deluxe Series Satin Trans Double Fat Strat
Roland Cube 15
yeah thx guys i been playing for about 6 months and yeah as i sed i have a peavey raptor exp and a peavey transtube 10 watt amp so not that big but good for home. theres a marshal half stack for 500 down my local music shop and i was thinking of gettin that and working with it to produce some decent studio sound or air-y sounding notes, and ive already got a whammy bar i like it with the dives like in the master of puppets second solo or in alot of pantera songs just like slight dives and rises but the palm muting isnt an issue on this guitar prolly coz it got a standard bridge but yeah im just not as happy as i could be with my first electric guitar and want a bit better sound for a 1st guitar. hit me back with more info thx guys
a good guitar doesn't mean a better sound if you don't know what your doing. Stick with it practice. The guitar is only as good as the person behind it.