i am beginning to nail 5 string sweeps but i am having noise problems, like when i release the strings it makes to much noise, are you supposed to like palm mute as you go over them or what??
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Mute with your palm, or mute with your fingers, or be a little more gentle when you release the strings.
i cant even sweep pick hardly.
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its very hard to release slowly and gently(for me) so i usually palm mute as i sweep along. usually when most people pick their palm is somewhere around the bridge but for me it's somewhere along the middle pickup, so when i palm mute it's more mute. all the best with sweeping i had to learn the whole thing over again when i started the muting thing. but at least there's the muscle memory
yeah man now that im tryin to mute it its like learning all over again, well not quite that bad but its tough man, thanks for the help
ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe