rename the song dude, i was expecting to hear some slayer

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WTF is a scale any way.

LOOL, me too.. then i thought.. waaait, slayer?? sitar?? NO'WAI
are you all stupid? this is the original recordings section. and why would slayer have a sitar? sometimes i fear for the future of the human race
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jihad sucks, why would you name it that you fag

It's his music, he can name it what the **** he wants. Keep your mouth closed.

As for the song, I liked it. The intro is very atmospheric, and the rest of the song's got a good feel if you're going for the "badass onslaught" type of thing. The distortion is a bit too muddy, and there's a buildup in the beginning that doesn't quite climax; it just keeps on rolling, which is kind of a "musical turn-off" for me.

Otherwise, good piece.
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yeah no ****, and its not like slayer invented jihad hahah, god people are so ignorant sometimes but this is definatly something new sitar in metal surrounding haha pretty cool dude, the guitar level needs to either go up get more treble i cant really tell right now, but otherwise pretty cool jam

if you have time
yeah dude you need more treble on that guitar and back it with a bass if you can get your hands on one the sitar is so cool dude amazing song but the build up could use more of a explosive climax for sure
I don't like the guitar tone much, it's too fuzzy and lacks defenition. Needs more bite to it. I like the suitars and the tablas. You get good ambience stuff going on. It gets a bit repetative, maybe work on some different riffs or a melody line to go over the top.
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Great music once again. I love your songs nep . The distortion sounded fine to me , it matches with the atmospheric music. My idea would be to put a lot of reverb and some other effects to make it sound more atmospheric.
Way to go once again mate.
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