Wow, January 06? You sure look like a dumbass to me!

In the end, both of those amps are complete shit. But in your case, go with the Fender.
You know how it sounds different when you sing in the shower vs. outside vs. in the living room? Sondwaves bounce around an affect the way your voice/guitar sound. Music sounds different in your car and at a club. That's the principle anyway.

Reverb in your case is an effect that simulates this aural phenomenon. It adds sustain and stretches out notes. A lot of guitar players use this to cover up poor technique. It's the glue that holds solos together. It has many uses. As with anything, you need to experiment to know exactly what it does.

As for the amps, they're both beginner level practice amps. I'd go with the Fender, but know that guitar snobs will turn their nose up both of them.
I know most would disagree with me, but I'd get the Peavey. I've heard some pretty nice peavey solid states before, especially the trans-tubes. Of course , I've never played either so what do I know?
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