Just recently got into these "guys" (female singer and vocalist FTW) when I got my hands on their Troll album, and its absolutely amazing, I'm downloading their 2003 album right now. Its really folky metal, but manages to find a great balance between the two. You can't help but feel like you're in Norway when you listen to the stuff, its absolutely great. "Dunker" and "Allvis" are probably my two favourite songs. Any fans? (And anyone know of any similar bands possibly?)

Edit: http://www.lumsk.com/
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yeah the only song Ive heard by them is Trolltind, and it's really, really good. I think Il look into more of their stuff.
Lumsk is ****ing AMAZING Nokken i cant get enough of for some reason i can listen to that song back to back for like 3 horu straight and still lvoe it every time it starts over
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I love them.
I can't wait til I can get the new album.
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I havent heard that much by them but i keep meaning to get some of their albums because what i've heard is great
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